「Resistance! イギリスの抗議活動 30年の記録」 “Resistance! 30 years of UK protest”

Photo: Adrian Arbib


A multi-media exhibition from the frontlines of UK protest. An inspiring mixture of the last 30 years of British movements for social change. Resistance! is an exhibition containing materials from the last 30 years of UK protest and social movements – photos, videos, and other items of creative protest.
Learn from the past, to build the future.

“Resistance! 30 years of UK protest art”
会期:2018年8月17日(金)-9月17日(月祝) 17 August 2018 (Fri) – 17 September (Mon/National holiday)

入場無料 Entrance free

リチャード・へリング トークイベント Richard Hering lecture
日時:2018年8月20日(月)19:00 – 20:30
Richard will talk about his own experiences in activism and investigative journalism.
(English  to Japanese consecutive translation available)
Date: 20 August, 2018 (Mon)19:00 -20:30
Admission: 500yen with 1 order

リチャード・ヘリング プロフィール
Richard Hering is one of the curators of the Resistance Exhibition, and a developer of its digital archive. He is a multi-award-winning television documentary maker, for investigations into subjects such as illegal timber extraction from the Brazilian Amazon, and the health effects of Chinese nuclear tests. As a video activist, he has both covered and participated in protests for the last 30 years.